Tickling the Innovation Funny Bone:

How to Overcome Resistance with Laughter

6/4/20232 min read

girl in white crew neck shirt smiling
girl in white crew neck shirt smiling

Resistance to change is a common hurdle when fostering a culture of innovation. But fear not, because in this side-splitting article, we'll explore how to tackle resistance with a healthy dose of humor. Get ready to laugh your way through the challenges of fostering innovation and learn some comedic strategies to bring your team on board the innovation train!

  1. The "Innovation Intervention" Challenge: When facing resistance to innovation, it's time to gather your team for a hilarious intervention. Picture this: a circle of chairs, serious expressions, and a team member dramatically declaring, "My name is Dave, and I'm afraid of trying new things." Break the ice by swapping serious stories with ridiculous tales of change mishaps, exaggerated fear of paperclips, or a mock support group for technophobes. Laughter will help ease the tension and open the door to embracing innovation.

  2. The "Outrageous Idea Olympics" Opportunity: To foster a culture of innovation, encourage your team to come up with the most outlandish ideas they can imagine. Host an "Outrageous Idea Olympics" where team members pitch the wackiest, most unconventional concepts. From a teleportation device for office commutes to a virtual reality meeting room shaped like a giant pineapple, the goal is to push the boundaries of imagination and have a good laugh in the process. Who knows? Amidst the laughter, a truly innovative idea may emerge!

  3. The "Innovation Escape Room" Challenge: Break free from the chains of resistance by transforming your workspace into an "Innovation Escape Room." Create a series of comically challenging puzzles and riddles that can only be solved by embracing innovative thinking. As your team laughs their way through the wacky clues, they'll also unlock their creative potential and realize that innovation can be both fun and rewarding.

  4. The "Comedy Roast of the Status Quo" Opportunity: Resistance often stems from a fear of leaving familiar territory. Host a "Comedy Roast of the Status Quo" event where team members take turns hilariously poking fun at outdated processes, stale ideas, and mind-numbing routines. By highlighting the absurdity of sticking to the old ways, you'll inspire a shift towards embracing innovation with laughter as the catalyst for change.

  5. The "Innovation Incognito" Challenge: Sometimes, innovation can feel like a secret society that needs to be unveiled. Create an "Innovation Incognito" challenge where team members anonymously submit innovative ideas using funny code names or aliases. This playful approach allows individuals to express their ideas without fear of judgment and encourages a lighthearted atmosphere of collaboration. Plus, the reveal of the secret identities behind the innovative ideas will surely bring laughter and camaraderie.

Overcoming resistance and fostering a culture of innovation doesn't have to be a serious and daunting task. By infusing humor, embracing the ridiculous, and laughing together, you can break down barriers and unleash the creative genius within your team. So, let the laughter flow, tickle the innovation funny bone, and watch as resistance melts away, making room for a culture of innovation that is as joyful as it is productive. Remember, a little laughter can go a long way in transforming resistance into acceptance, and turning innovation into an uproariously entertaining adventure!